Eastern Along Took Part in VIV Asia 2017 Successfully

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    2017 VIV Asia was held in BITEC, Thailand from 15th Mar to 17th Mar. This trade show dedicated to the production and processing of farm animals, from the farms, food, health and equipment to the process of meats and dairy products, packaging, transport and conservation. It gathered most of the global animal husbandry professionals, and the exhibitors were over 1000.

    In order to explore the global market, Eastern Along(EAP) participated in the VIV Fair, led by Dr Jeffrey Lee ,the General Manager of EAP. The sample shown at the VIV were high quality products of EAP, such as Omilk (LC, DC),Clomax DC, EpriVet, Anutri, Moringa, Footyl, etc. To achieve better publicity effect, EAP made product videos in English, including Aplus, Omilk and Moringa series. The video were so attracted that many people stopped in front of our booth and watched it. And because of the special formulations, active ingredients and the packages of the samples, lots of people visited our booth and consulted our products.

    During the exhibition, EAP workers promoted the products actively, collected customer’s name card and recorded the details. In order to deepen the customer impression, we invited them to take photographs sincerely. In addition, we collected a number of regional customer information, among it 35.5% of South Asia region, and the target products are aquaculture and poultry; 30.9% of Southeast Asia region, and the target products are ruminant, aquaculture and poultry; 13.6% of Middle East; 20% of other countries.

    Took part in the VIV Asia 2017, not only shown EAP’s unique products and professional technique to global animal husbandry professionals, but also laid a solid foundation for EAP to explore the global market. All in all, EAP takes a new step forward on the way of global service!

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